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Our goal at 2H Cattle Company is to produce high quality Charolais seed stock that can perform equally well in the feedlot as they do in the show ring. Our priorities are simple, select the highest quality genetics possible, and utilize these genetics to produce a consistently superior animal. We utilize several performance tools in addition to phenotypic evaluation to achieve this goal. As a Whole-Herd Reporting member of the American-International Charolais Association, we submit performance information on all of our calves and utilize EPD’s (Estimated Progeny Differences) to make mating decisions.

Precision Mating
At 2H Cattle Company, each cow is individually evaluated for the mating that will maximize performance and eye appeal. We achieve this by artificially inseminating 100% of our females to allow us to breed them to the bull that will best fit our performance criteria. AI sires are carefully evaluated to ensure we are selecting for a uniform product. Our cows are then ultrasounded to confirm pregnancy.

Embryo Transfer
Part of our success at 2H Cattle Company is the use of embryo transfer in our operation. We select the top donor cows in the country, and super-ovulate them to exponentially increase the number of calves we can obtain out of a single cow in her lifetime. We are equipped with an on-site handling facility and laboratory where embryos are collected, graded, and either implanted directly or cryogenically frozen for future use or resale. Check out our donor alley as well as available matings for sale. Flushes on our donors are also available to the bull of your choice.

Cooperator herds are also utilized to increase the total number of calves produced each year. These herds share our dedication to producing high quality cattle. If you have interest in becoming a cooperator herd for 2H Cattle Company, please complete the Contact Us tab on our website and we will send you an application for consideration.

Show Heifers
Each fall, we offer our very best show heifer prospects as well as bred heifers and cows on our annual production sale “The Maternal Madams Sale.” Many of these show heifer prospects have been exhibited at state or national level shows, are halter-broke, and ready for you to exhibit.

Performance Bulls
Each March, we offer our purebred seed stock bulls at“the “Performance Bull Sale” which we host along with Double-H Charolais. All bulls are performance tested, semen tested, and stringently culled to ensure we are only offering our very best for you to take home and use in your herd. We select for calving ease, fast growing, good disposition, polled bulls that will travel and offer you years of service.

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